The challenges in this area of practice are extraordinarily multifaceted. Therefore, always in the focus of our work is the securing of the commercial interests of our clients with the best possible comprehensive avoidance of civil and tax law risks.
In our sphere of activity of commercial and tax law, the following types of contract are of central importance:

  • Articles of association/partnership agreements
  • Company contracts, such as control and profit transfer agreements
  • Contracts on setting up sales structures, such as commercial agents' contracts and authorized dealers' contracts, franchise and licensing agreements
  • Purchase and supply contracts
  • Cooperation agreements, such as joint venture or development contracts
  • Financing agreements, such as loan, leasing or cash-pool agreements
  • Contracts on the protection of intellectual property rights, such as non-disclosure agreements
  • Managing director employment contracts, contracts of work and of service

We support our clients with enthusiasm and competence, both in the negotiations and execution the contracts and in the out-of-court and court enforcement of their contractual claims.

An example from our practice

Our client, a German manufacturing company, along with a foreign sales partner, planned to open up international markets. We negotiated and designed the relevant contract for our client, which was, as it is often the case with international contracts, a particular challenge in finding the governing law and the place of jurisdiction clauses that are acceptable to both contracting parties. Another focus of our work was in creating the contractual basis for the best possible, problem- and conflict-free collaboration between the contracting parties in the given international environment and in effectively protecting the technical know-how of our client at the same time.