We are a permanent contact for numerous family companies in respect
of strategic business decisions. In doing so, the emphases of our advice work are

  • Founding companies, including selection of the appropriate legal form
  • Formulating tax and liability law optimised company structures
  • Models of employee participation
  • Capital increases
  • Conversions of companies (mergers, demergers, changes of a company’s legal form)
  • Developing group structures

In this area as well, integrated legal and tax advice is of decisive importance. Our, by now, many years of experience of providing advice in a multitude of cases have shown that in the prevailing splitting up of companies into ownership and operational companies there is often an urgent need for action to avoid serious legal and tax risks. These risks, which are absolutely typical for family companies, are in many cases recognised too late or only as a consequence of an upcoming company succession or a sale of the company. Therefore, family companies, which have been split into owning and operational companies, should check for legal and tax risks as early as possible and, if necessary, adapt them.

An example from our practice

Our client operated a company which encompasses several business areas. As the strategic orientations of the individual business areas have developed very differently, we performed the splitting up of the company into several legally independent units for our client and, in turn, combined these units in a sensible group structure.
Thus it is now possible for our client to further develop the individual business areas individually and independently of each other without having to accept tax disadvantages.