Providing advice on the sale or purchase of companies, whether via the sale or purchase of shares or via a so-called asset deal, is an important focus of our work.
Typically, with regard to such transactions, attention must be paid to numerous legal aspects from widely varying legal areas. In addition to contract, company and tax law, of particular and regular importance here is labour law and the commercial property rights. In particular situations – such as, for example, in respect of an international transaction or buying an insolvent company – there are additional challenges which we naturally sort out for our clients.
We provide support and advice to our clients throughout the whole process of buying or selling a company. We will support you in the preparatory structural measures, determining the purchase price, the search for a suitable buyer or a suitable target company, conducting the negotiations, the tax-optimised design of the company purchase contract, up to the so-called post-merger integration, both in German and in English.

An example from our practice

A client intended to acquire shares in a company. The purchase price was to be financed via a bank loan. We advised our client not to acquire the shares in the company by himself but by a holding company to be formed beforehand. Our client was able to use the considerable liquidity benefits arising from this to fully repay the bank loan in a very short period.