As a successful company succession planning is of decisive importance particular for small and middle-sized family companies, we have specialised to a large extent for quite a number of years on this. In addition to our practical work, we are also involved in this area as speakers and we can look back to many years of lecturing.
When company succession takes place within the family, in most cases both the right to a compulsory portion and the tax law aspects are decisive. Therefore the advantage of an integrated, one-stop legal and tax advice is particularly obvious here.

An example from our practice

An entrepreneur intended to hand over his operating company to his children. The owning company, which leases the operating real estate to the operating company, should, however, remain with the entrepreneur. In this constellation, there is a high risk of considerable tax disadvantages. So we implemented a legal and tax concept for our client through which he achieves the desired goals and through which the tax disadvantages could be avoided.